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Drew Waters, Author at PredatorGuard.com Blog Drew Waters, Author at PredatorGuard.com Blog
Drew Waters

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Drew Waters is the founder of PredatorGuard.com. He writes regularly to assist farmers and gardeners find ways to co-exist with wildlife while protecting their investments from wild animal attacks. Drew lives in Berkeley, Ca with his wife and daughter.

How Do Scent Repellents Keep Deer Away From Your Garden?

Learn how scent repellents keep deer away from your garden or property, and where to buy them. The Power of a Whitetail Deer’s Nose – Before we decide to deploy a scent repellent to deter deer, we must first understand how a deer’s nose works. A deer’s olfactory gland, or sense of smell, is far superior to […]

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How To Identify Signs of Wild Animals

Learn how to identify signs of wild animals on your property by inspecting tracks and scat. It’s helpful to know exactly what type of animal is visiting your property so you can deter it effectively. Many animals slip in and out of your yard under the cover of darkness. Use our easy identification guides to figure out which […]

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Protecting Your Backyard Chickens From Predators

Take these steps to protect your backyard chickens from predators such as coyotes, bobcats, foxes, raccoons, ow​ls, hawks, and more.You’ve spent precious time raising your backyard chickens from day old chicks to young laying hens. You feel sheer joy as you watch your birds free range on the lawn, grazing on clover leaves and feasting […]

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What Kind of Predators Are You Dealing With?

Figuring out what kind of predators you’re dealing with is the first step to keeping them off of your property and protecting your livestock.A predator attack on your property is aggravating and can also be expensive.However, it’s important to understand that when wild animals kill livestock or pets and ravage your garden, they aren’t trying […]

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Utah Officers Bravely Help Free Cougar From Trap

When Utah conservation officers heard that there was a cougar caught in a trap, they were determined to help. Although it would be a dangerous mission – the men were prepared to do all that they could to free the animal. Get ready for your heart to skip a beat, because this is pretty frightening […]

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Deer Repellent Review – A Customer Success Story

A Predator Guard customer shares his success using Predator Guard deterrent lights as a deer repellent on his farm in Kansas. Predator Guard Solar LED deterrent lights are used around the world on farms, homesteads and in gardens, to protect plants, crops and livestock from night predators including deer, coyote, fox, raccoon, skunk, bear and […]

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The 3 Pronged Strategy To A Pest Free Yard

Our strategy will ensure you maintain a beautiful, pest free yard.1. Remove AttractantsThe first step to creating a pest free yard is to remove anything animals may be attracted to.  If unwanted wild animals are frequenting your home or garden, there is at least one source of food, water and/or shelter that is attracting them. […]

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Predator Deterrent Lights Trigger Wild Animals’ Deepest Fears

What makes Predator Guard deterrent lights unique is that they employ neophobia, a nocturnal animal’s instinctive fear of new or unusual things in their natural environment. In nature, various species use this fear to protect themselves. Several species of insects and fish have one or more large eyespots on their bodies. These large, dark circles […]

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