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Keeping Pest Animals Out Of Your Garden

Try these 10 tips for keeping pest animals out of your vegetable garden and flower beds.When you first discover that your garden is home to some unwelcome guests, you’ll likely feel overwhelmed and frustrated. You spend countless hours weeding, watering, and taking care of your vegetables and flowers, only for some critters to destroy your […]

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How Do Scent Repellents Keep Deer Away From Your Garden?

Learn how scent repellents keep deer away from your garden or property, and where to buy them. The Power of a Whitetail Deer’s Nose – Before we decide to deploy a scent repellent to deter deer, we must first understand how a deer’s nose works. A deer’s olfactory gland, or sense of smell, is far superior to […]

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Predator Guard Deterrent Light – Customer Review

One of our customer’s (Thanks Kyle!) sent us a video review of his new predator deterrent light – he was so excited to receive his Predator Guard deterrent light, he made an unboxing video as soon as he received it. We love the enthusiasm our customers show for our product!! In the video he explains that […]

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Predator Guard – Predator Deterrent Lights – How Do They Work?

How do Predator Guard predator deterrent lights work? Our explainer video shows how gardeners and homesteaders typically use our predator deterrent lights to protect their gardens and livestock from nightly predator attacks. You can also see this video at YouTube here:

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